Action Plan

LFMSS – Action Plan For Learning

Our Vision:

 Our common vision for learning is that all students are engaged in the learning process and feel a personal connection to their school experience.  Our common vision for school culture is that we are  consistent and intentional in our focus on character through an emphasis on our Titan Traits.  This year, we have chosen the theme of “consumerism” to illuminate our Titan Traits and provide a focal point for cross-curricular learning.

To facilitate student engagement, we plan to promote and align innovative instructional practices, and authentic learning experiences for students.  This year, our focus will be on identifying and accomplishing departmental goals that support our school vision.

Measurement … How will we know our vision is having an impact?:

  • The “Tell Them From Me” student engagement survey. Our customized questions revolve around student engagement.
  • The MDI Survey (Middle Years Development Instrument).
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Grad Survey
  • Staff, student and parent surveys, feedback, anecdotal reports.
  • FSA Data – We expect that FSA scores will increase as students become more authentically engaged with their learning.
  • The DART (literacy assessment that is currently taking place in grade 6 and7) – valuable data to inform how we can engage students in literacy learning.
  • Student discipline records – we see behavior and attendance as a reflection of engagement.
  • Consistent and common signs of authentic learning experiences and innovative practice.  Signs may include: obvious differentiated instruction, opportunities for anecdotal feedback, student reflection, peer to peer collaboration, obvious learning targets, examples of “hands on” learning experiences, opportunities for critical and creative discussion, creative opportunities for students to reflect and self-assess, opportunities to demonstrate critical and creative thinking, user friendly “exit slips,” multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate learning, and intentional questioning practices that “force” students to make choices.


  • We are seeing up an online repository where teachers can upload examples of strategies and practice that support our Action Plan for Learning
  • We will continue to celebrate examples of engagement and authentic learning experiences using all of the platforms available to the school (online platforms, PAC meetings, assemblies, etc.)


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