The Ministry of Education defines an Aboriginal student as one who is identified by his/her family as
having Métis, Inuit or First Nations ancestry. It is not necessary to have “status” to be considered an
Aboriginal student.  With the increasing numbers of students identifying themselves as having Aboriginal Ancestry, our program allows us to have student support at LFMS. The Aboriginal Program has been around since 1993 and the goal of the program is to offer all learners an opportunity to gain awareness of Aboriginal culture and history. An Aboriginal support worker is available to offer social/emotional, academic, and cultural support.

The Aboriginal support worker services include:
–  Guidance for career choices
–  Student support by providing social/emotional help and care along with arranging for academic
support if requested
– Offer home/school liaison support and relationships
– Organize cultural activities

Cultural awareness activities are offered in two formats:
–  Inclusive Cultural Programs – bringing Aboriginal Presenters into the classroom to share
their culture with all students, through a variety of hands-on experiences. Specific
presentations are available for each grade level and are tied to the prescribed learning
outcomes of the regular school curriculum.
–  Cultural Enrichment Programs – are available which provide students of Aboriginal
Ancestry with an opportunity to come together to learn about their culture and history.

LFMSS Aboriginal Support Worker:  Danielle Mercredi

Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary

21250 42nd Ave, Langley
BC, V3A 8K6
Phone: 604 534 4779