This course is designed for students who have limited English and are not usually able to integrate into
academic classes or will need expectations adapted.  It introduces ELL students to the four main language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also encourages the use of viewing and representing. It introduces and develops strategies needed to read research and write successfully in Standard English.

This course is designed to extend a student‟s ability to use various strategies independently in order to meet the learning outcomes and be prepared to be successful in senior social studies courses. Emphasis will be on the comprehension of important Social Studies 9 and 10 concepts and themes. Students will learn to link new information to prior knowledge and to apply the strategies and skills learned. In addition, students will become familiar with a variety of learning skills and Canadian assessment techniques. Students may enrol in Social Studies 10 or Language Adapted Social Studies 11 (summer school program) after taking this course.
This course is designed for the student who is able to integrate more fully into academic classes but needs support and additional time to complete assignments. It is designed to allow the ELL student to expand and gain competence and confidence in using English language skills in order to be successful in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also encourages the use of viewing and representing. It focuses on developing and increasing independence in using strategies needed to read research and write successfully in standard English for academic success. Students will be introduced to a variety of learning skills and Canadian assessment techniques.
This course is designed for the student who has an imbalance between oral and written skills and is integrated into some academic classes but may need some adaptations to be successful. It is designed to enable ELL students to extend the four main English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also encourages the use of viewing and representing. The focus is on expanding the strategies needed to read, research and write successfully in standard English for academic success.
This is a four credit course designed for ELL students who are enrolled in senior academic courses. It is designed to improve their knowledge and skills as they become bilingual. To achieve communicative
competence, a continued balance will be maintained between the four language areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis will be on the use of strategies and the comprehension of important concepts in English, Social Studies, Science and/or Mathematics needed for ELL students to be successful in academic courses.
ELL WRITING 11 (YESFL1B)  Advanced
This course is designed to assist ELL students who have lingering writing deficiencies. Writing is the strand on which students are most heavily evaluated in high school English. This course emphasizes writing strategies and theory that will increase student understanding of the writing process thereby facilitating success in the graduation program. The student will be guided through a series of steps to produce well-organized, and adequately developed paragraphs and essays.

This is a provincially examinable subject. This course introduces the students to increasingly sophisticated themes and vocabulary in literature including, Shakespearean drama. It introduces various composition forms and uses adapted reading materials.  ELL students will build on their vocabulary, learn to write clear sentences, and organize paragraphs.  This course is deigned to prepare ELL students for taking either the regular English 10.
This is a provincially examinable subject.  This course focuses on the grammar and syntax that are required to be able to read and write fluently. Sentence and paragraph writing is taught and students will be working to enhance and expand their vocabulary. Reading concepts such as theme, imagery and the use of context clues are introduced and practiced regularly. IELTS and TOFEL test preparation will be covered. Full participation in English is an expected component of this course.
This is a provincially examinable subject. This course is designed to prepare students for integration into a senior science course. Selected topics from biology, chemistry and physics will be covered using adapted materials that concentrate on building vocabulary and building background knowledge. Students will learn lab safety, procedures, techniques and the skills required in grade 8-11 Science courses.
This course is designed to enable students to develop the skills needed to become self-directed individuals who set goals, make thoughtful decisions and take responsibility for pursuing their goals in life. These courses provide the opportunity for students to explore a wide range of career and post-secondary education options, think critically about health and safety issues, participate in volunteer experiences, and plan the actions required to pursue post-secondary destinations and career paths.

English Language Learners are those whose primary language(s) of the home is/are other than English, and who therefore require additional services in order to develop their individual potential within British Columbia‟s school system. Some students speak variations of English that differ significantly from the English used in broader Canadian Society and in school.
At LFMSS an ELL specialist teacher works collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide the additional support services needed for these learners to acquire social and academic language fluency in English. This support can be in the form of consultation with the classroom teacher, in-class support from an ELL teacher assistant, or enrollment in adapted ELL courses. An ELL specialist teacher will test the student regularly and determine their annual individual learning plan. The goal of English Language Learning education is to assist students to become proficient in English, to
develop intellectually and as citizens, and to enable them to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum [at their age/grade level]. Support for ELL students requires attention to language proficiency, intellectual development and citizenship. At LFMSS, such support is provided in a school environment that values diversity, bridges cultures and works to eliminate racism.
*For  further  information  or  to  contact  the  school  ELL  School  Coordinator  Lindsay  Tribe
(ltribe@sd35.bc.ca) with any questions you may have.

English is a required course for all students in each grade. All English courses at Langley Fundamental
Middle Secondary School offer instruction in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and
knowledge of language and literature.

Remediation and Enrichment
Teachers of English classes offer individualized assistance beyond classroom instruction on a regular
basis to students who express a desire to improve their skills. Basic remediation is available to students through the individualized programs and the tutorial groups conducted within the Learning Assistance branch of the Student Services Department. Enrichment and acceleration opportunities are detailed in the appropriate course descriptions.
In this course, students continue to improve their written and oral communication skills, while building
their awareness of audience, form, and voice. Emphasis will be placed on literature as a source of
understanding, connection, and enjoyment. Students will engage with a variety of texts, including fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction; effective use of reading strategies will be practised throughout.
ENGLISH 10 (EN 10)
This is a provincially examinable course.  This course introduces the student to increasingly sophisticated literature including, among others, Shakespearean drama. It also extends the range of composition forms through which students express themselves. Building a strong vocabulary, structuring clear sentences, and organizing effectives paragraphs are important parts of the course.
The final grade for English 10 is derived from two sources: Course Work 80% and Provincial Exam 20%
This course is designed for students who have completed English 10, but have not achieved a high level of success. Communications 11 is not a prerequisite for English 12 (please see Communications 12 for further details). Communications 11 will develop practical English skills and an appreciation of fiction and nonfiction, through reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing. This basic, required course will provide a focus on the mastery of those essentials of reading and writing that will serve the student after graduation.
ENGLISH 11 (EN 11)
A minimum grade of C in English 10 is recommended. This course is intended to prepare students for English 12  as  well  as  for  post-secondary  studies.  English  11  is  an  academic  course,  which  expands  basic  language skills:  vocabulary, sentence structure and  paragraph writing  –  to create  multi-paragraph compositions.  This course  also  focuses  on  exploring  various  forms  of  presenting  information  in  an  increasingly  technological world.  Literary studies involve analytical examination of the novel, drama, poetry,  the short story and nonfictional prose.

Prerequisite: EN11 or COM11
This is a provincially examinable course.  This course is for students who have not achieved a high level of success in English and who will have difficulty successfully completing English 12. Students will continue to work toward mastery of those skills in language and literature that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment, and in becoming an aware and responsible citizen. Communications 12 is not acceptable for admission to university; however, it is acceptable for entry in to many college programs. Students considering this course must check prerequisites for post secondary training programs. The final grade for Communications 12 is derived from two sources: Course Work 60% and Provincial Examination 40%.
ENGLISH 12 (EN 12)
Prerequisite: EN11 – A minimum C standing in English 11 is recommended
This is a provincially examinable course.  English 12 is an academic course intended for all students who enjoy English, particularly those preparing to pursue academic post-secondary studies.  It focuses on developing critical thinking skills and reflective writing. Students will learn to express themselves formally in a variety of expository forms. Literature studies offer opportunities for mature and thoughtful response and analysis and consist of fictional and non-fictional prose, poetry and drama, including Shakespeare. Writing assignments, unit tests and the government final examination determine standing in the course.
The final grade for English 12 is derived from two sources: Course Work 60% and Provincial Examination 40%.
WRITING 12 (WR 12)
Prerequisite: EN 10
In a relaxed and flexible environment, Creative Writing gives students an opportunity to explore their ideas through a variety of writing activities. Significant emphasis is placed on fiction writing. Students will learn techniques for improving their narration by learning to develop realistic characters, write dialogue, portray setting and layer their writing. Students will be given opportunities for writing effective poetry and they will learn the basics of journalism such as how to structure and develop newspaper article and travel articles. The course also encourages self-reflection and introduces students to creative journaling.
Prerequisite: EN11 with a mark of C+ or higher.
This course is for students who enjoy and appreciate literature. It is recommended for those who plan to continue with college or university education, particularly those students who are considering majoring in the Arts/Humanities area. English Literature 12 surveys the major writers of English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the modern era. Students acquire knowledge of a body of significant works, and develop skills in oral and written expression, critical reading, using literary terms and techniques, and forming personal responses to a wide range of literature.
This course is an approved entry-level course requirement for Universities.

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