Core French


Prerequisite: French 8

This course builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in French 8. Through a variety of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities, students will develop a range of language learning strategies to assist in comprehension and expression. Role plays, conversations, projects, review games and a short novel will give students an opportunity to practice and improve their French skills in the past, present, and future tenses as well as make connections with francophone culture and their own.


Prerequisite:  French 9

Students will further develop their written and oral skills in French. This course will focus on starting to increase spontaneous oral production after building a strong vocabulary base in French 8 and French 9. Students will be expected to read, write, perform skits, and ask and answer questions in French. They will be able to speak in the past present and future tenses and construct more complex sentences. Cultural activities and language development will be emphasized.


Prerequisite:  French 10

This course is designed to enhance students’ French communication skills and continue to develop students’ language awareness and capabilities. The focus will be on oral communication as well as using literacy skills to decode more complex texts.


Prerequisite:  French 11

French 12 is an academic course for those students who wish to develop their French communicative skills, knowledge of French grammar and literature and their understanding of French culture. It is advisable for students wishing to continue to a General Arts program at a post-secondary institution. This course will focus all on forms of communication through novel studies, personalized questioning, and interactive activities.

A second language is not a graduation requirement but may be necessary if a student plans on meeting a second language requirement for admission to a university following high school graduation. Check post secondary admission requirements on their website.


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