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This course for students in Grade 11 and 12 only. Game Theory & Design is a course about strategy games, and the theory/mechanics behind them.   Over the course of this term, you be introduced to a number of games that use different kinds of systems.  By playing a variety of different types of games, you will develop your ability to evaluate these products, refine your strategy and prediction skills and understand how game technology is adapted to each game. The course has three main goals: (1) to have fun, and (2) to learn about different aspects of games, game playing, and game design, and (3) to encourage you to have positive face-to-face interactions with other people.


This elective course is designed for students who are committed to the role of unifying and inspiring others in our LFMSS community. Students should have a passion for service and be excited about creating a collective vision towards their prescribed goals.  Some of these goals may include motivating others to become active participants in our school community.  Students will gain self-confidence as they learn to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and collaborate with fellow student leaders in a group setting.  Students will learn how to be an effective member of a team and accomplish collective goals together through respect and compromise.   Students will be given opportunity to assess the needs of the school community and then plan and implement group objectives.  Possible events are organizing intramurals, initiating school-wide activities, promoting fund raising opportunities, connecting with schools throughout the District, and creating awareness around local/global initiatives.  Students will be given the opportunity to work with other student leaders within the District as they set agendas for District initiatives and actively participate in decision-making opportunities.


Do you enjoy helping others? Are you looking for a way to do meaningful work in your school community? As a peer mentor, you will work with students in need of extra help and guidance in a classroom setting. In addition to help with course content, you will also assist students in developing effective study habits. As an older student in the classroom, you will make a valuable contribution as a mentor and role model. Initially, and at regular times throughout the course, peer mentors will meet as a group to learn about effective methods, reflect on progress, and explore relevant topics (while most of your work will take place during the school day, PM 11/12 meetings may take place after school). Prospective mentors are strong students who are responsible, self-starting, and outgoing, and can be a positive example to other students. Peer mentoring provides valuable experience towards post-secondary studies, and the collaborative and leadership skills you develop will be assets in any job field. If you’re considering a career in education, this is your first step. An added benefit: teaching others makes you a better student. The benefits of mentoring by fellow students are unique; you will play an important role for the students you help. If you are hoping to do fun and rewarding work that makes a difference, become a peer mentor!


(Note: this course does not count as a Social Studies 11 credit for graduation)

This is an introductory course into the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The big ideas covered look at the biological, psychological, and social-emotional components of psychology. The course is designed to provide students with a basic level of understanding of psychological principles in addition to an examination of individuals mindful practice, classical experiments, and key researchers within the field of Psychology. This course requires a substantial amount of reading, writing and oral activities during class time. Attendance and active classroom participation will ensure success in this course. A major research project is mandatory. This is an elective course, but a B in English is strongly recommended. This course does count for credit but is NOT considered as a Social Studies 11 credit for graduation.

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