The Science Program at LFMSS is designed to provide all students with basic scientific literacy and a positive attitude towards science as it relates to technology and society.


A scientific calculator is essential for Senior Physics and Chemistry courses.  It should be capable of handling exponential numbers, trigonometric functions and logarithms.

SCIENCE 9                                                  

Recommended:  Science 8

The Science 9 curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will be relevant in their everyday lives and their future careers. The course addresses a variety of curricular competencies and content areas.

SCIENCE 10                                                

Recommended: Science 9


Recommended: Science 10

Life Sciences 11 consists of four units that incorporate the Big Ideas of biological interactions, evolution at population level, and grouping of organisms based on common characteristics. This is an introductory course intended to present basic biological principles and help students to develop necessary laboratory skills.


Recommended: Life Sciences 11 (C+ or higher)

It is not recommended that students take this course before Grade 12.

Anatomy & Physiology 12 is designed for those students with a keen interest in the life sciences and/or those students wishing to pursue biological studies at the post-secondary level. This course presents an intensive survey of human systems at the organ system, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels.


Recommended: Science 10 and Principles of Math 10 with a minimum C+ standing

Chemistry is the science that deals with the properties and reactions of materials. It is concerned with the identification, characterization, and transformations of matter, and with the energy changes accompanying these transformations. As such, it makes an important contribution to our ability to comprehend the natural environment and understand various other pure and applied sciences, as well as the nature of scientific inquiry.  Through participation in co-operative labs, independent research, and other classroom experiences, students acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to pursue further study and experience success in the workplace as informed decision makers and full participants.


Recommended: Chemistry 11 with a minimum C+ standing and Math 11 with minimum C+ standing.

Chemistry 12 is a continuation of Chemistry 11 and many of the skills and concepts covered in Chemistry 11 will be built upon in Chemistry 12. Unlike Chemistry 11, which is a survey course in which many different topics are covered, Chemistry 12 concentrates on five big ideas which are covered in greater depth. Higher level math is not a requirement of this course but a strong math background will benefit students taking this class. Chemistry 12 is a problem solving course in which mathematical principles and critical thinking are applied to conceptual problems. Students taking Chemistry 12 should be comfortable working in the lab, following written procedure and make connections between data, observations and scientific concepts. It is recommended that students planning to take Chemistry at a post-secondary institution, take Chemistry 12.


It is strongly recommended that students who take this course have minimally achieved a C+ in both Math 10 and Science 10 along with work habits of G or better.

Students will be studying a variety of topics in Physics, and their applications to the real world. The central goal of this course is for students to learn to “figure out how things work”. Students will be learning about physics and its applications through the following 4 Big Ideas: Waves, Motion, Forces, and Energy.


It is strongly recommended that students who take this course have minimally achieved a C+ Physics 11 with a work habit of G or better.

This course gives students an introduction to higher level Physics.  It is a pre-requisite for post-secondary fields such as science, engineering and kinesiology.  It is also a highly recommended University corequisite for other sciences such as chemistry, biology and mathematics.  As a result, the content covers a range of strands with the ability to model physical phenomena being the ultimate goal.  Students’ learning will be guided by the following 4 Big Ideas: Momentum, Measurement of Motion, Linear and Circular Motion, and Fields.


Recommended: Science 10

Earth Science 11 is a survey course designed to introduce students to the diverse aspects of earth and space science, and offers applications to the real world. Through the investigation of geologic processes, students will become aware of their role as custodians of our planet and develop an appreciation of the impact of human activities on both local and global environments.



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