To report an absence or to inquire about attendance please email: 

All students arriving or departing during school hours must sign in/out at the office. This is an important procedure so that we know which students are in attendance in an emergency situation.

For Gr 6-8 students departing during school hours, a parent/guardian must sign the student out at the office.

For Gr 9-12 students, please note that even when the student signs in/out at the office, an absence is only an excused absence if the office is notified by a parent/guardian via phone, email or signs them in/out at the office. If your student does not have an excused absence, an email will be sent home.


Open Campus Permission

Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary School is a closed campus for all students from Grade 6 to 12. However, with parent permission, we would like to make available additional responsibilities and privileges for our Grade 12 students during a Study Block. To learn more or to give permission, please view and/or fill out the Open Campus Permission Form 2020-21 and return it to the school office as soon as possible.


Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary

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