Age Appropriate Reading


Understanding our Book Labels / Sticker System

Each book in our FICTION section has been assessed as to the ages best appropriate for reading.
Due to the varied ages of our students (Grades 6-12), we have developed three categories for Fiction literature (each explained below), so students are informed and intentional when choosing reading options.

#1. NO STICKERS: Books that do not have either stickers (YA or BLUE DOT) are AVAILABLE to all students, but are probably more suited to younger middle school students.

#2. YOUNG ADULT (YA): Ages 12-18. These books may be more suited to older middle students and up; however, these books are AVAILABLE for ALL students to sign out. We have used this sticker to try to identify books that may include issues/language that some younger middle students may not yet be ready for, or that parents may want to preview for their child.

#3. BLUE DOT/Senior Literature: these books are AVAILABLE ONLY to GRADE 10, 11 or 12 STUDENTS unless parental permission has been obtained with the Blue-Dot Permission Form available in the LLC.  Books are designated as ‘Senior Literature’ due to several factors: adult content, written for an adult audience, the nature of the issues being discussed being of an adult level, adult language used, or the use of language is generally too complex for younger audiences.


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